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Juliet Lewis – Cape Town

I will continue to buy this product until the end of time. I started using it a month before my matric fairwell (Secondary School farewell) because I was starting to get breakouts due to stress (exams were coming up and I was on committee). The tea tree oil I purchased, My acne cleared up in a little over a week and people were complimenting my complexion. I’m pretty bad for popping zits so I’ll get little red dots after the head is gone and they can last up to a month, the tea tree oil sped up the healing process of my little acne scars too! I get the odd pimple once in a while but I’m a teenager so that’s normal. The pimples I do get are nothing compared to they used to be like. I mix two drops with cream in the morning and two drops with cream at night. It does tingle or sting a bit if you apply after a shower or washing your face with warm water but it’s only because your pores are open and the tea tree oil is an antibacterial. I’ve got a lot of my friends hooked on it now, I don’t know what I’d do with out it.

Sandra Sayer – Somerset west

This product is amazing! I have had mild acne for a long time and it’s finally starting to go away. I’ve been using this for about a week now. If you are looking to reduce acne with this product, I strongly recommend this! On top of this I use Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin A pills and have been drinking lots of water. My acne is pretty much gone!